Register Your ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card for the Full Experience

We all know that credit and debit cards are replacing physical cash everywhere, and the time will soon come when paper money will become obsolete. However, no matter how useful credit cards are, they are sorely misunderstood; both by the people who use them and by those who don’t. In fact, the people who do use credit cards don’t even know all the benefits they can get from them, especially if you register them for online access and management. If you are one such person, or simply want to know more about the ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card, you can read this article to find out everything.

About ABNB

Established in 2011, ABNB Federal Credit Union has one purpose; to be a financial partner that people can trust on throughout their lives. For that, it aims to provide customers with financial services that not only benefit their lives, but also the community as a whole. And how does it plan to earn the trust of its members? Through integrity. It is because of these things that ABNB has been able to help its members save over $48 million since its establishment. And what’s even better, you don’t have to be a member of any particular organization if you wish to be a part of the ABNB family. It is open to all the people from some specific parts of North Carolina, as well as everyone from South Hampton Roads.

Advantages of the ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card

All those facts about a company, but what benefits do you get? What good is the company to you as an individual? Well, the biggest advantage ABNB gives its customers is its credit card options. And if you want the best, then ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card is the way to go. Why? Well, first, the card can be used for shopping throughout the world, whether it’s online or in-stores. You can manage your card online through an easy online credit account management service, which is highly secure. Card can also be secure through SecurLock Equip, and an additional layer of security is provided by the Visa verification and Visa Checkout.

That’s not all though, there is so much more you can get, such as:

  • No Annual Fee or Transactions Fees, including Cash Advance Fee or Balance Transfer Fee.
  • A $500 Credit Line (minimum)
  • An APR (Annual Percentage Rate – depends on the credit history of the applicants) of 7.99% – 17.99% for Purchases, Cash Advances and Transfers.
  • A 3-day Late Fee Grace Period, with only $25 Late Payment Fee is only $25 and no Over-Limit Fee.

You may think that you don’t need to register your card or get online access to avail all the benefits, but you’d be wrong; because, you get even further benefits for registering your card. For instance you can pay all your bills online, review the transactions in real-time, get statements, and analyze all your spending.

Requirements for Registering Your ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card

So, you want to activate or register your ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card; what do you need first? Well, the credit card of course. You need to first apply for and receive your own ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card. If you have one, you then need the basic things used to navigate a website; a computer or laptop or other such device, a working internet connection, and an understanding of the English Language; at least enough that you may navigate the website without any problems.

How to Register Your ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card

Have everything ready? Made up your mind about registering your card? The, let’s begin from the most basic step; visit through your computer or laptop or any other device. Here, click on the “Accounts” tab near the top of the page to open a list of options.

Select the “Credit Cards” option to navigate to the credit card section of the website. Now, scroll down and click “Summary” so you can open another list of points and options. Click the hyperlink that says “online credit card account management” to access the main login page for online access. This is also the page where you enroll for online access and register your card.

On this page, in the box on the right, press the “Enroll Now” button. Then, enter your Credit Card Number in the box given and click “Begin Enrollment”.

After that, keep following the on-screen instructions and providing the information required to register your ABNB VISA Platinum Credit Card for online access.


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