Manage Your Furnishing Purchases Using the Rooms to Go Credit Card Activation

Did you recently buy furnishings for your new room or apartment using your Rooms To Go Credit Card? Well, you might be surprised to learn how often, after buying new products, you might need to go back to your bank for more information. And instead of the constant trips you need to make to the bank every single time you need a statement, you might be wishing there was a way to manage your account securely.

Well, you can do all of that and more, and all you need to do is activate the card you got from Synchrony Bank, aka the Rooms to Go Credit Card. The whole process to do that, along with details about the card and the bank issuing it, have been attached to this article to make things easy for you!

How can I get advantages from the Rooms to Go Credit Card from Synchrony Bank?

Now that you know the primary reason for activating a card, i.e. managing your account from the comfort of your home. However, that;s not the only benefit that you can use when you use this card. For one, you can start using this card for purchases in many places where credit cards can be accepted. This means you don’t just have to restrict yourself when making purchases on your card.

Plus, using an ATM is easier, for a lot of tasks such as for the process of withdrawing cash. In addition to that, you can use this card to set up a feature known as Autopay. What this means is that the card automatically deducts money from your account on specific deadlines. This way, you can avoid being late ever again for bills and fees and making sure the correct amount is transferred.

What is the Synchrony Bank and what does it do?

The banking company, Synchrony initially started out in the year 2003 and is a major player in the financial services industry. Synchrony Bank started out and is currently headquartered in the state of Connecticut in the country the United States. The bank provides its customers with many services but primarily deals with credit cards and payment systems. As of 2016, the company employed more than fifteen thousand employees in several different positions.

What requirements are important for the Rooms to Go Credit Card activation?

About to activate the Rooms to Go Credit Card? Well, don’t go in blindly! You’ll need to consider some key aspects before signing in to activate your credit card. First and foremost, keep the credit card nearby. When you need to provide information about the card to locate it, you will need to know the number and other information.  Plus, you should connect to a network where the Internet is stable enough to make sure the whole process goes by without any hitches or hurdles.

What is the process of activating a Rooms to Go Credit Card?

Now that you know about the card, it’s time for you to get onto the process of activating it. If you’re confused, have a look at these steps below for detailed instructions.

  • Start the process for activating your card by clicking ‘Hello, log into your account’.
  • A screenshot of the pop-up window has been attached below.

  • From here, open up the link ‘Register’.

  • In the first part of the form, provide your Account Number, the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and the Date of Birth to find your account.
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • Continue to provide verification, set up your profile, and then confirm the information.

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