Get the Best Birthday Present after Registering Your American Eagle Credit Card!

In the world that we live in today, what we wear doesn’t just reflect our choices in style. In the modern world, your choices when it comes to clothes are used by everyone around you. These lead them to make small assumptions about you, every single day. Because of this, the pressure to look perfect all the time is stronger than ever. So, what can you do but try and live up to everyone’s expectations? And the best way to do that is through using the clothes from American Eagle Outfitters!

So, now that American Eagle understands how important personal style is to its customers, it has also created a way for you to pay that doesn’t just give you access to products, but also to avail exclusive and special discounts. This is why they’ve come up with a new Credit Card for all of their customers, known as the American Eagle Credit Card. Not only is this the best way to pay for your shopping, you also get free gifts and benefits over other customers.

All that remains to be done is to register to your American Eagle Credit Card account. If you want to see the procedure to do so, follow the steps given below to help you out. Using this information, an account will be created for your card which you can then sign into whenever you want.

What are some of the official benefits of using the American Eagle Credit Card?

So you might be thinking, why should I bother using the American Eagle Credit Card, when I can just as easily use some other card for payments? Well, that is a good question, but the answer is simple: The other cards just won’t get you the kind of benefits that you can avail from American Eagle.

For one, you don’t just buy things from American Eagle using this card. The card is a Visa card, meaning it can be used for purchases anywhere that accept payments through Visa Cards. In addition to this, you get to access a discount of 25% off your first order using the American Eagle card. You can also use the card to collect points on every single one of your purchases, and you can access a reward of 10 dollars for every 2,500 points!

About American Eagle

American Eagle started out in the year 1977 as a subsidiary of the company Retail Ventures. It was started by two brothers, Jerry and Mark Silverman. Since then, American Eagle now owns and runs more than 90 stand-alone stores, as well as more than 60 side by side stores.

The Procedure to Register your American Eagle Credit Card Account

The process to register a new credit card is fairly easy. Don’t know how to do it? You’re in luck because we have the, whole procedure laid out for you below.

  • Use your computer to run your web browser and click on the search bar.
  • Now, enter the web address and click enter to open up the web page.
  • You will be taken to the web page for the American Eagle Credit Card, as shown below.

  • Click on the option to ‘Sign In’ by selecting the blue button.
  • On the next page, scroll down to the bottom. Read through the information on the website so you are sure about registering your American Eagle Credit Card.

  • In order to start the process of registration, click on the link ‘Register’.
  • To start registering your form, you will be taken to the next page.

  • In the given spaces, provide your Card Number and your Billing Zip Code.
  • Your Card Number can be found in the front of your card, or on the credit card statement, you received with the card.
  • Next, select the link ‘Continue’.
  • Provide further information to verify your card and follow the steps as given to complete the registration of your American Eagle Credit Card.

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