AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card: Activate

Done with organizations run by stockholders? Well, we can suggest you credit union by AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card!

How does credit union work? Well, it works on much better terms than banks and organizations owned by stockholders. Those types of organizations look for making profits and benefits through their customers. But with Credit unions, each customer and member is the owner of the union and shares the organization and also has the right to take part in important decision makings. Credit unions, then in turn are non-profit making organizations where members are allowed to borrow and take loans from pooled deposits. Further, these loans can be returned at the lowest possible rates. Credit unions follow a democratic version of banking and financial co-operation.

You can avail such an easy-going financial benefits through AgFed Credit Union. Just get a subscription to their AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card and begin your financial journey and achievement of goals and expectations without stressing over high rates of loan return payments!

What is AgFed Credit Union?

AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card

Today, AgFed provides a variety of services. These services include credit cards, checking accounts, saving accounts, market leading mortgages and credit cards. But, these services are just the tip of what the organization provides. Since 1934, AgFed has kept their customer’s care as their first-to-attend-to priority and matches the requirements with high level of quality. AgFed first stated in Washington, DC, USA. However, by this day they have spread out and can be accessed throughout the nation. AgFed, ensured by NCUA, now consists of above 25,000 members, their services can be accessed 24 hours a day, all days of a week, whereas their assets make up an amount of more than $300 million!

How will AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card help me?

Your subscription to AgFed Credit Union Secured Visa Credit Card will provide your everyday life with more than just what you’re going to sign up for!

  • Return your loan at the lowest rate of 14.90% per year
  • Your credit card fee is as low as $25 annually!
  • You can keep a miminum credit of $500 in your account!
  • Your credit can line up to $10,000!
  • You receive a free of charge, 24/7 access to your account through their online services!
  • You do not have to pay any fee for foreign transactions
  • You also receive travel insurance with your Visa secured card
  • Once you make purchases, receive upto 25 days of grace period!
  • As a customer, you receive loan payment protection for your own safety and benefit!

I can apply for my AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card now!

  1. To begin application, click on
  2. On the page, click on the grey button that states “Apply For a Loan” to start your Visa Secured Credit Card application.
  3. AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card
  4. Select the type of account you wish to apply for. If you wish to apply for mortgage loan go to “click here” and continue.
  5. AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card
  6. Select the type of loan you wish to apply to and click on continue
  7. Read the instructions on the new page. you must create a log in to begin your application. For that, type in  a username and follow that with a password. Once done, click on “continue”
  8. The application will require your current address, time spent at the address and type of residence.
  9. Provide your SSN and of others if you are opting for a joint account. Then your employment history of 2 years. Employer’s name and phone number.
  10. Follow that with income information. Make sure to fill all required boxes.
  11. Then answer the set of questions that will ask for your details.
  12. Finish your application. Enjoy!
  13. AgFed Credit Union Visa Secured Credit Card

Please note that each type of loan and account requires these basic steps with additional steps and information.

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