Activate your CareCredit Card and Enjoy Many Benefits of this Amazing Service!

CareCredit Card

Healthcare is more accessible thanks to the CareCredit Card!

It is not secret that times are tough right now financially for a lot of people. The state of the economy has prompted a lot of problems for a lot of American homes and has forced people to live from paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet. So expenses other than the basics of rent, utilities, mortgage, groceries come up, it can be incredibly hard to make payments. And if that expense is arising because you are in need of a medical procedure which is not covered by insurance, then sometimes people choose to do without the procedure which is incredibly dangerous. This is where the CareCredit Card comes in!

With the CareCredit Card, you can pay for your medical procedures immediately and then make the repayment to the company in installments later on. This is an incredibly helpful service which facilitates a lot of people in getting the medical attention and procedures that they need without the fear of not being able to pay for the procedure.

The story of how the CareCredit Card came into being

CareCredit Card

Ralph Stern owned a business which produced dental implants. The year was 1987, and Ralph noticed that his product did not have a big demand in the market even though it was cutting edge and meant to be a sure shot success. He set to investigate why the product wasn’t as popular as he had imagined. After talking to various professional in the oral care industry including dentists and dental surgeons, he found there was a high demand for the product but people did not have the means to pay for the procedure for dental implants and thus chose to do without.

Ralph Stern and his team then decided to set up a service at the time known as DenCharge which allowed people to get the dental implant procedure and DenCharge would pay for it. The person who had the procedure would then have to pay DenCharge back. The service grew so immensely popular that they started covering medical costs for other vision, hearing, veterinary and even cosmetic related procedures.

The company then named itself CareCredit. And now they are known for their CareCredit Card which is incredibly popular amongst the masses.

The benefits of CareCredit Card which will make you want to sign up immediately

There are multiple benefits of having a CareCredit Card since the service is so seamless and convenient. There are thousands of people who use their CareCredit Card every single day for a myriad of procedures. The company believes in the principles it was founded on; to make sure they help people get access to the medical procedures they need without having to worry about payments and costs!

Here is a complete list of the benefits you can enjoy through your CareCredit Card:

  1. Get your medical procedure carried out immediately without having to worry about payment!
  2. The CareCredit Card is accepted at over 200,000 medical practices and practitioners.
  3. Covers multiple procedures related to hearing, vision, cosmetic, dental and more.
  4. Also covers certain veterinary services for your animal friend!
  5. Provides customers with flexible payment options with the option to spread out payment over 60 months if the cost is over $2,500.
  6. Market competitive interest rates.
  7. No interest on cost of $200 or less.
  8. Manage account details online.
  9. Pay for procedures online.
  10. Get reminders on when repayment is due on your online account.

How to activate your CareCredit Card account and enjoy the services now!

CareCredit Card

  1. Visit the page with the activation information by visiting this link:
  2. Find the option which says “first time?” and then “register” on the lower hand right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the “register” and you will be lead to a page which will ask you for your CareCredit Card and other personal information.
  4. Provide the personal information required.
  5. Set up a username and a password.
  6. Your account will now be activated and you can use your CareCredit Card online account to enjoy all the services mentioned above and more!

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