Activate Your Merrick Bank Credit Card to Get the Most Out Of It

How do you keep your finances in order? Do you make budget sheets manually on a notepad, with a huge calculator as your sidekick and receipts strewn across the kitchen table? Do you rely on software like Excel to do the work for you? You’ll need some expertise in computers and Excel itself for that, so if you don’t have that, there isn’t much you can do there. So, what is the easiest way then? Banks and financing services such as Merric Bank. These not only help you maintain order with your current finances, but also provide you with the opportunity to secure your financial future; particularly through credit cards.

About Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank Credit Card

Have you ever wanted to get a credit card? Or already have one? Then, you probably know all about Visa and MasterCard cards, right? Well, Merric Bank is one of the top-20 issuers of Visa cards and an authorized issuer of MasterCard cards. So, when you need an authentic credit card, you go to Merric Bank. But, what is its story? Well, it was founded back in 1997 and now provides its services to over 2,400,000 cardholders across the country. Till this date, the bank has provided $2.5 billion in loans to its customers.

Besides this, the bank gives financing services to Horse Trailer, RV and Marine Dealers, allowing customers to purchase RVs, Horse Trailers and Boats with ease. How does it do all this and more? The customers’ love and loyalty allow it to, because of the bank’s focus on honestly, courage and integrity in all its dealings and interactions.

Advantages of the Merrick Bank Credit Card

Merrick Bank Credit Card

Why do you need to get a Merrick Bank Credit Card? What good would it really do to you, especially on a daily basis? How exactly will it make your life easier? The answers to all these questions are given below, in the form of the benefits of this card:

  • First, you get to manage your account online, without any additional cost and with easy online management tools.
  • You also get $0 fraud liability for all unauthorized charges.
  • FDIC insures all your security deposits.
  • Your account information is reported to three major credit bureaus to help you build or improve your credit.
  • Furthermore, you get an initial credit line based on your $200 – $3,000 deposit.

Requirements for Activating Your Merrick Bank Credit Card

Since Merrick Bank aims to make its customers’ lives easier and simpler, which it does through its many financial services and products. One such product is the Merrick Bank Credit Card. To use it and avail the many advantages it has to offer, you first need to activate it. For that, the first thing you need is the credit card itself. If you have the card with you, you then need to access the Merrick Bank’s website, for which you need a working computer, laptop or any other device that lets you access it. The computer or device has to be connected to a good internet connection so you can browse the website with ease.

How to Activate Your Merrick Bank Credit Card

Have your Merrick Bank Credit Card with you? Can’t wait to use it and manage it online with ease? Well, to do that, you first need to activate your card by registering for online access. You can do this by visiting Here, click “Cardholder Login” in the “Card Products” box.

Merrick Bank Credit Card

On the next page, click on the “Enroll” button.

Merrick Bank Credit Card

Then, to enroll for online access, enter the information required in the given empty fields and click “Next”. Now, keep following the instructions until you have successfully enrolled.

Merrick Bank Credit Card

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