Activate Your GM Business Credit Card to Get the Most Out of It

How do you get ahead in business? Is it through the products and service your sell? The team you hire to work for you or with you? The business tools and strategies you employ? All these things mean nothing if you don’t have people who believe in your business and your ideas; people who invest in your craziest schemes and back you up in the riskiest of endeavors. But, how do you get people to believe in you, not just as a person, but as a business leader? Through your persona; everything from the way you dress to the way you talk has to resonate of success for people to see you as being successful.

No success story is complete without the right car. When you want to impress your business partners, or potential investors, you have to drive up in the car that allows them to see you for more than who you are; for who you want to be. And there is only one company that gives you the car you and your business deserve; General Motors.

About General Motors

What started as a small company by William C. Durant in the September of 1908, has now become one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. General Motors, often known as simply GM, was established by Durant, along with Frederic L. and Charles Stewart Mott in a world when automobiles were rare. Since then, it has grown to having its presence throughout the world, in 37 countries over 6 continents. However, the company has not forgotten its roots and is still based in its home country at Detroit, Michigan.

With brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Holden and Wuling, the company makes sure to provide its customers with quality vehicles, as well as their parts. It is because of this promise of quality that the company reached the milestone of having sold 10 million vehicles.

Advantages of the GM Business Credit Card

The company sounds great, but how do you benefit from it? With the GM Business Credit Card. With this card, you get 5% Earnings on your purchases of all GM accessories, parts, and services you get from authorized GM Dealers, 3% Earnings on the purchases you make at office supply stores, gas stations, and restaurants, as well as 1% Earnings on every other purchase.

Furthermore, there are zero annual fee or limits to what you can redeem for getting a new, eligible GMC, Cadillac, Buick or Chevrolet. Your earning have no expiration date and there are no costs for employee cards.

Requirements for Activating Your GM Business Credit Card

Wondering what you need to do to activate your card and sign up for online access so you can avail all these amazing benefits and advantages? The first thing is to get a card, obviously. Once you have your GM Business Credit Card, you then need a computer and internet connection to access the website with. That’s about it. You can now go ahead and begin the activation or sign up procedures.

How to Activate Your GM Business Credit Card

So, received your card? Want to make the most out of it? The next step then is to activate your card and sign up for online access. There are two options for you to do that, depending on what you want to do, but the first step is the same; visit and click the “LOG IN HERE” button.

Then, do one of the following according to what you want to use your account for:

  • If you want to manage your account and pay your bills, then you need to click the “Sign up now” in the box on the left. On the next page, click “Enroll Now” and provide all the information required to create your account.

  • If you want to view your offers or track your earnings, then click the “START HERE” button in the box on the right side of the page. Enter all the information required in the given spaces and submit to enroll for online access and activate your card.

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