Let Your Savings Pile Up by Activating and Using the First Savings Credit Card

Have you ever thought about what you’re leaving behind in this world when you are no longer a part of it? What is your legacy? How will people remember you when you’re gone? What are you leaving for your family or for your future generations? Well, it’s never too late to start thinking about it, because we all want to leave behind something that makes life easier for your family. And what does make life a little bit easier? Money. So, if you really want to have a good, comfortable life in the future, while also having enough to pass on to the next generation, then you have to start now. And how do you do that? By saving. Need some help with that? Then, your answer lies with the First Savings Bank.

About First Savings Bank

What do you think the First Savings Bank is? Of course, it’s a bank, that’s in the name, but its name also suggests something more; it is a savings bank and has one aim – to serve the customers so they can have a better, more secure future. Founded back in 1913, the company has over a hundred years of experience when it comes to serving its customers and the community as a whole. How does it serve them? By providing them with quality banking products that help build the customers’ and community’s trust in the company. It is this trust that has allowed the company to move beyond the location it was first established in, Beresford, South Dakota, and have branches in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Nebraska.

Advantages of the First Savings Credit Card

You may think that you don’t need a First Savings Credit Card, but if you get one, you’ll be better off for it. For one thing, the card gives you total control over all your purchases. Secondly, there are zero hidden fees and absolutely no penalty APR. Furthermore, if your card is stolen or lost, you are safe under the fraud coverage, and you have secure access to it through your online account.

Requirements for Activating Your First Savings Credit Card

So, you have the card and you know the advantages you can get from it. What’s next then? Well, to activate it for online access. And since it is an online activation, the first thing you’re going to need is something that lets you go online; also known as the internet. The internet connection should be stable, and if it’s fast too, even better. Then, you also need a device you can connect the internet to which allows you to access the activation portal. This device can be anything from a computer or laptop to a mobile or tablet.

How to Activate Your First Savings Credit Card

Received your application invitation? Accepted the offer online and gotten your card? Then, the next step is to activate it for online access, and the way to do that is by registering for an account. So, if you want to learn how to do that, keep reading.

The first step is to visit www.firstsavingscc.com so you can access the First Savings Credit Card’s website. Once you are on the landing page of the website, you then need to click the yellow “ACCOUNT LOGIN” button. This will take you to the Card member Services page.

On this page, click the “Register New User” link on the right side of the empty field for the User Name.

Then, enter your Account Number and select your Expiration Date from the drop-down menus. After that, enter your Card Security Code (which is the last 3 digits given on the back of your card) along with the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).

Next, click “Continue” and provide the further information required to register your account and activate your card.

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