Easy Steps to Get an Express Credit Card: Activate

Tired of carrying your credit card in your wallet every day? Get yourself an Express Credit Card today!

Express Credit Card

Imagine taking out your credit card to make your payment at your favorite store and waiting in the line till your credit card gets charged. Sometimes a few swipes of your credit card are necessary till the credit card machine recognizes your card information in order for you to make your payment. Other times your card is simply declined due to technical issues. All of that has the potential to enrage you.

But what if we tell you that you can now make payments just by logging in your express credit card information into your phone to use your phone for making needed payments? There is no need to carry a plastic card in your wallet when you can simply carry your phone and always be ready to buy your heart’s desire!

Express credit card is also known and as Express Next credit card which can exclusively be used on Express stores all over the world. Express credit cards can also be used for online purchases.

Want to know about what Express is?

Express is a clothing retailer which has over 35 years of experience in providing high quality and fashion for both men and women. Based in United States of America, its wide range provides customers with a chic everyday apparel to a classic party apparel while helping customers to find their own unique style.

Express Credit Card

The Express Credit Card provides you with extra benefits!

The Express credit card not only helps you in making payments but provides its customers will the opportunity to enjoy customer-friendly benefits:

  • Customers who use express credit card are awarded 20 points on each $1 payment
  • Customers can receive a $10 gift card after collection of 2500 express credit card points
  • Customers can level up to A-list once they earn a total of 7500 express credit card points
  • Signing up for the express credit card will award the card holder with $5

Don’t know how to Apply for Express Credit Card? Follow these instructions for your ease!

Visit https://c.comenity.net/express/pub/Home.xhtml in order to begin your application for the Express credit card. Applying for the card is extremely easy and time-efficient. Follow these instructions carefully in order to successfully finish the process:

  • Open the provided URL. On the webpage you will be able to see a button in red that states “Apply”.
  • Express Credit Card
  • Clicking on that button will lead you to your application page.
  • On the application page, firstly select your accurate country.
  • The application form will require you to accurately fill in your name (first, middle and last).
  • The form will also ask you to fill in your current house address accurately.
  • Type in the city you live in and then select your state/province.
  • After selecting your state/province, you will be required to type in your suitable zip code.
  • The zip code is followed by SSN. SSN stands for your social security number which is a nine-digit number assigned to residents of the US according to the current law. Please make sure your SSN is valid.
  • The form will then require you to give your phone number. In order to make sure you are contacted immediately for any inquiries, provide a phone number that you most frequently use.
  • Select your birth date, month and year according to your birth certificate.
  • In order to proceed, make sure you select the option that states you to agree with the terms and conditions of Express credit card.
  • At the end of the application, you will notice an Electronic Consent. If you wish to, please read the consent carefully.
  • After reading, click on the box that suggests that you agree to the terms and conditions of your express credit card again.
  • After reading, please select the option at the end of the electronic consent that asks you for your consent.
  • After making sure all your information is accurately typed and cross checked, press on the button at the end of your application form that will allow you to submit your application.
  • Express Credit Card

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