Activate Your Eddie Bauer Credit Card to Get the Most Out of Your Card, and Into Your Wardrobe

We all need to update our wardrobe from time to time; whether it is because we’re growing up and the older clothes no longer fit us, or because they have been worn down due to constant use. Whatever the reason may be, buying new clothes is an essential part of every person’s life. How you buy them, and where you buy them from is what differs. If you are smart, want to save up, and even be rewarded for you shopping, then you would buy what you need from Eddie Bauer, using the Eddie Bauer Credit Card.

About Eddie Bauer

Initially founded in 1920 by Eddie Bauer, the clothing store chain took its current form in 2003 when its former parent company, Spiegel, Inc., went bankrupt. From that came the Eddie Bauer Holding, Inc., which made Eddie Bauer what it is today. And today, it is a company that, while being headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, it has more than 370 locations in four different countries; United States of America, Japan, Canada, and Germany. Moreover, it has over 10,000 employees so daily operations can be kept running smoothly and quality products are provided to the customers. These products include men and women’s clothing, sportswear and gear for outdoor activities.

Advantages of the Eddie Bauer Credit Card

What’s so great about Eddie Bauer that we had to write a whole article about? Or particularly about its credit card? It is just a clothing company after all. Well, what if we were to tell you that with an Eddie Bauer Credit Card, you could get a lot more than just some amazing clothes; that you could also get some amazing rewards? Don’t believe us? Then, read on below to see all the benefits the credit card gets you:

  • You get to earn different rewards depending on your membership level. For instance;
    • 5% for Green and Bronze level members.
    • 7% for Silver level members.
    • 9% for Golden level members.
  • You can earn an extra 2% in Rewards, through the Adventure Rewards.
  • Save up an extra 10% each time you open and use your card.
  • Get exclusive Cardholder promotions, like special sales pre-shopping events.

Requirements for Activating Your Eddie Bauer Credit Card

Unlike the difficult process of selecting and buying the best clothes for yourself, activating an Eddie Bauer Credit Card is a simply process and doesn’t require much time or effort. The only things you need are an Eddie Bauer Credit Card, a computer or laptop to browse the web with, and an internet connection that allows you to browse in the first place. Additionally, since the website is in English, you should have a good command over the language.

How to Activate Your Eddie Bauer Credit Card

So, if you already have your Eddie Bauer Credit Card with you and you want to begin using it to avail all the advantages, you first need to activate it. You can do so by registering for online access. To do that, you first have to visit the main website of the credit card, which is available at Here, you have two options; either click the “Register for Access” option at the top of the page, or the “Register for Online Access” in the Sign In box. Both options take you to the same registration page.

Now, to start your registration, enter your Credit Card Account Number and the ZIP Code / Postal Code in the first two fields. Then, select your Identification Type from the drop-down menu and enter the specific Identification information in the last field. Click “Find My Account” which will allow you to begin your registration.

This involves entering a User Name, Password, your Email Address and Mobile Phone. Finally, click the “Create Account” button to register your account and activate your card.

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