Get what you want to have a well maintained car at Dodge MasterCard Credit Card

Everyone wants to keep their car in a good condition. For a smoother and better experience of driving a car must be services often. Its check and balance must be kept to avoid any inconvenience in future. Dodge MasterCard Credit Card brings the opportunity to make your car life better and longer. Who doesn’t want it? Let the Dodge do its work and help you with it. It is about repair, service, insurance, mileage or what. Dodge MasterCard Credit Card has got your back.

Dodge being a car company cares about its customers and their product equally. They want their customers to have the best experience on their cars. To achieve this they initiated this Dodge MasterCard Credit Card to encourage consumers to treat cars nicely. It is important to have a car in a good health because it can affect your lives. Your life and your loved ones’ lives are dependent on this. To avoid any mischiefs we appreciate your interest towards Dodge MasterCard Credit Card.

Details on Dodge as a company

Know more about Dodge as a company. It is important to know about the history of the company you are about to rely on. The Dodge in an American automobile car company. The manufacturer of Dodge is Chrysler. The Dodge was started in 1900 by two brothers; John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge. It is running successfully globally. Except for Western Europe, as it does not serves there. The products of Dodge as cars, sport cars, super cars, muscle cars, vans, minivans, sedans etc. Dodge headquarter is located in Michigan, United States. The parent company of Dodge is Chrysler. The CEO of Dodge is Sergio Marchionne and president is Timothy Kuniskis. They have been serving as they ruling bodies at Dodge.

How beneficial it is to apply for Dodge MasterCard Credit Card?

Upon the activation of the Dodge MasterCard Credit Card you can enjoy countless benefits. The offers are specially designed for the Credit card holders of Dodge MasterCard. It is necessary to know about the pros and cons of anything before you be a part of it.

The benefits of Dodge MasterCard Credit Card are as follows:

  • Earn the reward points upon spending at Chrysler Dealership
  • Get 3 points on every dollar spend at Chrysler
  • Collect unlimited reward points in the Dodge MasterCard Credit Card
  • Use the reward points to get discounts on repairs, service and other car related services
  • Get the insurance of car upon the activation of the Dodge MasterCard Credit Card
  • Use the collected reward points to purchase or lease any Dodge car
  • Redeem the cash equal to your Dodge MasterCard Credit Card reward points

You can get all this just on the activation of the Dodge MasterCard Credit Card.

Guideline to activation of Dodge MasterCard Credit Card

I know you cannot wait anymore to activate your Dodge MasterCard Credit Card in order to avail the amazing benefits it has to offer. Yes you can be a beneficiary of it but for it you have to follow the steps given below. Follow each step carefully to avoid any inconvenience at the activation process.

  • Click the Enroll button to proceed
  • It will lead you to the online form to activate the Dodge MasterCard Credit Card


  • Fill in each field carefully with the correct data
  • Verify each field with entered data
  • Click on the submit button at the bottom of the form after the verification of the data
  • You will be given the activation code after the submission of the form to activate your Dodge MasterCard Credit Card

You have successfully activated your Dodge MasterCard Credit Card. Now you can enjoy all the services provided by the Dodge Company. Keep collecting and enjoying.

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