Activate Your DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card and Get the Goods You Need

Are you into sports? How about outdoor activities like cycling or camping or hiking? Like physical activities and staying fit? If you like or do any of those things or would like to, you would know that they all require the proper attire and tools. Whether you’re playing soccer or baseball, you need the proper clothes and shoes. If you’re going hiking or camping, you need the proper equipment to survive out in the wild. Even if you’re simply going cycling around the block, you need a bicycle. And where do you get all these things, among loads of others? At Dick’s Sporting Goods.

About DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card

Dick’s Sporting Goods, often shortened to just Dick’s, is a sporting goods retailing corporation, as the name suggests. It is a Fortune 500 Company, which was founded by Richard “Dick” Stack in 1948 in Binghamton, New York, is now headquartered in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. The company has over 600 locations throughout the United States, primarily in the Eastern United States. What does the company sell in all those stores though? That should be pretty obvious from the name. It sells sporting goods, athletic apparel, outerwear, sportswear, casual footwear and athletic shoes, boots, fitness equipment, outdoor equipment and bicycles. It has various subsidiaries, such as the Golf Galaxy, Inc., Field & Stream and True Runner.

Advantages of the DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card

Wondering why you would need a credit card for a specific store that you may not even use that much? Even if you do use the store a lot, what’s the point of getting a credit card when you can easily pay cash for the items you purchase? Well, because you can do more than just purchase items with a Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Credit Card. You can get 6% back on all in-store purchases in the form of rewards, or you can choose to get special financing for 12 months applicable to in-store purchases of $399 or more. You can also get cardholder exclusives like promotions and discounts, and rewards through the online store as well.

Requirements for Activating Your DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card

Sports and outdoor activities are hard enough as it is, a company wouldn’t want to make the whole process of engaging in those activities even harder, now would they? That is why Dick’s Sporting Goods makes getting its credit card easier than you can ever imagine. You simply need a Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Credit Card with, a working computer you can browse with, and a good internet connection to browse through.

How to Activate Your DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card

If you have already applied for and gotten your Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Credit Card, then the difficult part is already done. The next part you can do all from the comfort of your home, without having to go anywhere or do anything special. This includes activating your card, which is basically the same as registering for online access. To start, you need to visit Here, click on the “Register” button next to “First Time?”.

DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card

On the next page, enter your Card Number in the first empty field, followed by your billing Zip Code in the second field. You can find your Card Number at the front of your credit card or on your credit card statement. Then, click “Continue” to proceed to the registration page.

DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Credit Card

You will need to provide all the required information to complete your registration process and begin using the Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Credit Card on all your purchases at Dick’s.

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