Activate with Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Petrified of the smog? We can comprehend that! Start with Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Smog is not just the biggest issue in China, it’s spreading everywhere because industrialization, factories and plants are all over the world. Smog is not just a combination of fog and smoke- it can kill you. We can apologize for stating a harsh truth but the rate of death from smog increases from year to year. Do you feel okay and normal with all the smog around you? We bet not. You might feel nausea, irritation, itchiness, shortness of breath, and fatigue above all the other side effects. With the current situation, our generation and the coming generation will suffer a lot more. But just what happens when you start taking care of your nature by planting a tree? If each house of the street and town plants on tree per person, you can save the world. Trees can trap smog and clear the air for you, literally. So follow us while we give you information about Arbor Day Foundation and Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card!

What is Arbor Day Foundation?

Jon Rosenow founded Arbor Day Foundation in 1972. Based in Nebraska, United States of America the non-profit nature conservation foundation dedicates its task to their sole mission of “to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.” The sponsors, donors and members of Arbor Day Foundation who share the same mission, aim on planting trees throughout America. Nebraska houses Arbor Day Foundation’s Lied Lodge and Conference Center that holds sitting capacity of 140 individuals associated with the foundation. The Organization also holds Tree House Trail, Arbor Day Farm, Lied Greenhouse, Canopy Tree House and so on among the list of their achievements. They now run a successful program by the name of Tree City USA program which has its operations in all 50 states of United States of America and 3400 military bases, cities and towns of US.

Here’s what your Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card can do for you!

Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Do you want more than just the idea of turning your life green? Well we can just give you a list!

  • Redeem your rewards either by call or online whenever you want!
  • Receive “What Tree Is That” a book by Arbor Day Foundation for free!
  • Do not pay a single dollar for you credit card all year, every year! I repeat, there is no annual fee for your new pal!
  • While you can receive 1% cash back on your purchases, you can also receive 2%-3% cash back on selected items you purchase with Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Make your life wonderful with nature- Apply for Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card now!

The application feels lengthy? Well we’ll make it easy for you:

Step 1: Click on

Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Step 2: Click on the green button that states “Apply Now”. On the new page, click on “I Agree” to agree with terms and conditions and continue

Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Step 3: Type your name (first, middle and last). Then your address, city, select your state and type your zip code. Type your phone number, your email address and re-confirm it. Type years spent at your residence, your date of birth, SSN and mother’s maiden name.

Arbor Day Foundation Rewards Visa Credit Card

Step 4: Provide what your occupation is, your employer’s name, how long you have worked for them, and your work number. Provide information about your income, provide info about your housing (type of your residence) and monthly rent. Then follow that by providing first, middle and last name of geographically nearby relative and your relationship.

Step 5: Select appropriate answers to additional questions. Click on “Next” and select card option. Finish the application process!

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