Here’s to Activate For Ann Taylor MasterCard

Get yourself an Ann Taylor MasterCard to experience the best quality shopping experience!

There’s a new therapy in town- All the women out there know how buying just a pair of new shoes lightens up a bad day. Your closet collection can never be satisfying without the addition of a new set of apparel every now and then. You wish to look your best not just to impress the people around you. You look your best to appreciate yourself everyday for working hard to meet your goals and achievements. A good deal on your shopping therapy is a baseline necessity. How can you enhance your closet without maxing out your bank account credit? Well we have a new savior for you- the Ann Taylor MasterCard!

Ann Taylor Mastercard

Applying for an Ann Taylor MasterCard today will not just increase your options of everyday wear- from casual to those late night outs but it will get you a chance to receive rewards and purchase your favorite collection piece free of charge! Just use your Ann Taylor MasterCard religiously and avail all the good things in the world.

Tell us more about Ann Taylor now!

Ann Taylor Mastercard

Founded in 1954, Ann Taylor became a mainstream retail store based in America to offer specialty apparels for women specifically. Ann Taylor can now be purchased worldwide to help their clients discover suitable apparels for work to special occasions. Ann Taylor’s collection includes clothing for petite women till accessories for every customer out there. Ann Taylor has now launched their Ann Taylor MasterCard to widen your online shopping experience through their web page- accessible from anywhere and everywhere!

We’ll tell you just how rewarding Ann Taylor MasterCard is today!

Ann Taylor MasterCard is not just a regular credit card for your purchases at Ann Taylor stores. The MasterCard comes with a lot more benefits!

  • Get 5 bonus Reward points for every dollar spent on your purchases made at ANN INC today.
  • Receive a $20 Reward card for collecting 2,000 points based on your purchases
  • Get bonus reward points on using your Ann Taylor MasterCard for purchase of gas and groceries
  • Is it your birthday month? Receive a $15 Birthday Gift to celebrate your day!
  • You can now enjoy a 15% discount on every Tuesday of every month by using your Ann Taylor MasterCard to make payments

Follow these few easy steps right now to subscribe to Ann Taylor MasterCard today

Need to learn how to apply to Ann Taylor MasterCard without a hassle? We’ve got just a few easy to follow steps for you to guide you through.

  1. Click on
  2. On the web page, locate a grey button that states “Apply”
  3. Ann Taylor Mastercard
  4. Click on “Apply” and the web page will lead you to your application.
  5. In the first section, type your accurate First name followed by your last name.
  6. Select your birthdate.
  7. Provide your SSN.
  8. In the next section, you will provide your yearly salary.
  9. After that, you will be required to fill in information regarding your house address,  city and the state you reside in.
  10. Mention your accurate zip code to finish the section.
  11. Then in the last section, provide your current phone number, your work number and email.
  12. Re-type your email to confirm it.
  13. The finish application, check the electronic consent box at the end of the electronic consent.
  14. Lastly, click on the grey “Submit” button to submit your application for processing.
  15. Ann Taylor Mastercard

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