Activate and Upgrade your Wardrobe with Ann Taylor Credit Card

Is your wardrobe in need of serious upgrading? Discover Ann Taylor Credit Card with us!

Ann Taylor Credit Card

We all have gone through different phases in life. With our personalities, our choice of clothing has seen some changes as well. We might even cringe looking back at our choice of clothes in our teen years. Remember the big hair and your obsession with hair spray? Back combing your hair to look cool just like the other kids at your school? Well, we’ve all come far. Still, many of us remain in that realm of not being able to understand our own style. Does your wardrobe make you feel its not meant for you? We understand. the fast pace of our lives has made it hard for us to take a deep breath and find out clothing that speaks out our personality. Are you looking for a quick solution too? Don’t look beyond Ann Taylor Credit Card!

Ann Taylor Credit Card

With Ann Taylor Credit Card, you can sit back at home or your office and shop online at Ann Taylor online stores. Explore the site during that break between your work and find suitable matches to update your wardrobe and fill it with clothes that speak you. Use your Ann Taylor Credit Card to get in touch with the inner you in a few minutes of your busy routine!

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Ann Taylor is a retail store that was established in 1954. The New York City based clothing store for women includes a wide range of collection for specialty clothing. Their high end and mid priced clothing target a wide range of body types. Ann Taylor has now launched the Ann Taylor Credit Card to help their customers experience quality online and in store shopping and purchases!

Ann Taylor Credit Card

Ann Taylor Credit Card can do more than that to change your life

Getting an Ann Taylor Credit Card is similar to rewarding yourself with free of any additional cost plus points.

  • Get a $15 in your account at your birthday each year.
  • Get extra 15% discount by using your credit card at Ann Taylor stores and online stores as well.
  • Get 5 reward points on each $1 spent at Ann Taylor with your Ann Taylor Credit Card.
  • Collect 2,000 and more points to get $20 reward on your Ann Taylor Credit Card.

Do you wish to know how you can Apply for Ann Taylor Credit Card? Follow our guide now!

  1. Click on to access Ann Taylor Credit Card application.
  2. Click on the “Apply” grey button.
  3. On the application page, in the first section- type in your name with first name followed by last name in the adjacent box.
  4. Select your date of birth
  5. Enter your SSN
  6. Then, provide your current house address in the next section. End that section by selecting your state and type in your zip code.
  7. In the last section, enter your land line number
  8. Then enter your work phone number
  9. You can provide your email and then re-type it in the next box to confirm it.
  10. To finish the application process, go through the electronic consent if you wish to.
  11. Once done, check the electronic consent box
  12. At the end of the application, click on the black box with white text that states “SUBMIT”
  13. you will soon be contacted regarding your Ann Taylor Credit Card.
  14. Ann Taylor Credit Card

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