It’s Time to Activate your Amex Green Credit Card

Do you feel sad when your rewards expire? With Amex Green Credit Card, your rewards will never go away!

When you make purchases, you usually collect your rewards slowly. A certain amount of reward is set for each of the product you wish to buy. Unlike real money, you need double the amount to purchase your most heart felt item(s). Imagine you’ve been collecting reward points with each swipe of your credit card when you buy your everyday groceries, gas, commodities and even when you pay your monthly bills! Each month you reach closer and closer to your target amount of membership bonus points that you need to purchase those pair of boots you saw at your favorite local store. You are now just a day of reward-collecting away. Exciting isn’t it? All your handwork is about to pay off but suddenly the store manager tells you that you need to pay for those expensive pair of boots in credit instead. Why? you ask. Only because your rewards had an expiration date! Sad story, isn’t it? Well, this will never have happened if you collected your rewards through your new pal, the Amex Green Credit Card!

I’ve never heard of American Express before!

American Express is a financial services cooperation which originated Is USA. Today, it specializes in issuing credit cards, charge cards and luxury travel experiences for its customers. American Express credit cards are issued all over the world for its benefits whereas cardholders gain certain travel benefits which non-card holders typically cannot receive without making certain payments. In 1850 the now well-known credit card company was popular for their express mail services. Today, they hold a range of credit cards and charge cards at different price points. 22% of US bank transactions have known to be made through American Express cards alone!

I need to know more to take the chance of getting myself an Amex Green Credit Card!

Amex Green Credit Card

Here’s an added list of wonders of the American Express card that we’ve been talking about:

  • You do not have to pay any interest charges every month with Amex Green Credit Card. Unlike other cards, you only pay your full bill at the end of each month without extra charges!
  • Pay a fee of $0 in the first year of your experience with Amex Green Credit Card
  • Receive double the memberships rewards on your purchases with Amex Green Credit Card
  • Receive 1 reward point with each $1

Your membership points are your new currency to pay for full or half of your travel trips and further costs

I am ready to get myself an Amex Green Credit Card! Help me with the Application

Are you nervous about the application for your new credit card? We can help you with these very easy steps!

  1. Go to on your device
  2. Click on the big white button that states “Apply Now”
  3. Amex Green Credit Card
  4. Enter your first name, in adjacent box enter your middle then your last name
  5. Then enter your current email address
  6. Enter your assigned SSN (Social Security Number)
  7. Select your date of birth according to your birth certificate
  8. You will then provide your current cell phone number
  9. In the next box, carefully type in your home address
  10. Provide your accurate annual income without any reductions
  11. Select appropriate income source- how you earn your salary per year
  12. Click on the blue button in the end that states “Continue”
  13. You have now submitted your application
  14. Please know that whether or not you are eligible for your Amex Green Credit Card will be informed to you in 30 seconds right away!
  15. Amex Green Credit Card

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