Earn Rewards With Amex Gold Credit Card: Activate

Are you planning a vacation? Here’s how you can amp up your travel experience!

Amex Gold Credit Card

Airfares are always costly and paying that certain amount means you must make other sacrifices on your international holiday trip. It limits your shopping budget, food budget and most importantly, you must compromise on your hotel stays. Holiday trips have the sole purpose of letting you relax your mind and soul every once a year before you go back to your ultimately busy and stressful schedule of working 5 to 6 days per week, 8 hours or more a day. While at your destination, sight seeing and exploring a new land is exciting and fun but once tired, coming back to a depressing hotel room really ruins the ambiance. What if we told you that your fun adventure of exploring can be never-ending? With Amex Gold Credit Card, dreams are possible!

Amex Gold Credit Card can help you experience the best hotels around the world. With their Hotel Collection, you can now present your Amex Gold Credit Card and stay 2 nights in a row at a luxurious hotel. You can use you Amex Gold Credit Card rewards to further extend your stay at your new favorite hotel free of charge!

Collect information about American Express now!

Founded in 1850, the multinational financial cooperation also known as Amex operates worldwide today and is one of the top companies for credit cards, charge cards and travel benefit companies. It was first started as Express mail and has come far today as a finance business. The Amex cards are known to have become a large percentage of credit transactions in US alone! The American Express mainly operates from New York.

What more can Amex Gold Credit Card do for me?

The Amex Gold Credit Card is more than just a charge card. Your everyday use credit card can now ensure you a lifetime of benefits!

  • transfer balance from your other card to Amex Gold Credit Card at the lowest rate for 6 months
  • protect your payments with Amex Gold Credit Card payment protection
  • Ensure travel safety with Amex Gold Credit Card by purchasing your air ticket with your new credit card
  • Settle down you credit card bill in installments. Just 5% (minimum) per month!
  • Get rewards and collect them on your daily purchases

How can I apply for Amex Gold Credit Card and upgrade my holiday experience?

Apply for Amex Gold Credit Card is now easier. You can follow our easy steps to fill out your application without any troubles!

  1.  Go to https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/premier-rewards-gold/
  2. Click on the white “Apply Now” button
  3. Amex Gold Credit Card
  4. Fill out your first, middle and last name
  5. Provide your current email address, SSN (social security number)
  6. Select your accurate date of birth
  7. Follow that by providing your phone number that you currently and most frequently use
  8.  type in your current home address,
  9. Provide your approximate total income (yearly)
  10. Lastly select how you earn your income (the source of your income)
  11. Click on the blue “Continue” button to submit your application
  12. You will then be directed towards the last page of Amex Gold Credit Card application that will inform you regarding your eligibility in just 30 seconds!
  13. Amex Gold Credit Card

Enjoy your new Amex Gold Credit Card!

Useful URLs:

  1. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/premier-rewards-gold/

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