Activate Your American Express Blue Business Credit Card for a Full Online Experience

Paper currency is on a fall as credit cards and virtual currency is picking up some pace to become the new favorite of an ordinary buyer and seller. Since the start of money, credit cards and virtual money is third in line to become the major revolution in money concept starting from barter trade and all the way down to the paper currency. People nowadays are learning about the new ways of trading. They don’t really need to carry so much cash every time they go out to buy stuff. Simply, just take a credit card along with you and purchase whatever you want (but, you need to pay it back at some point in time, there is no free lunch in this world).

If you’re interested enough, here we will show you some of the benefits of using American Express Blue Business Credit Card and how to sign up for it.

About American Express

American Express Blue Business Credit Card

American Express or simply called as Amex, was founded in 1850 in a then small area of Buffalo, New York and is now a multinational giant catering in many parts of the world. Amex is an American financial services firm which have successfully expanded their business in U.S, Canada, UK, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Latin America, India, and many other places all over the world. The products of American Express basically include financial services such as Charge Cards, Credit Cards, Traveler’s cheque and they are also listed on the NYSE. Running a successful company of this scale require utmost determination, hard work, and consistency and you can find all of this in America Express.

Advantages of the American Express Blue Business Credit Card

The question is not whether you should have a credit card or not, the question is actually why you should have American Express Blue Business Credit Card and what the benefits of using Amex’s credit card. If you’re still reading this, then I will need a few more minutes to explain its benefits and the details are mentioned below. There are so much to get out of it, following are some the benefits you can get:

  • By using the American Express Blue Business Credit Card, get a 2 times more points on the first $50,000 purchases each year.
  • After that, 1x points is a standard return.
  • Annual fee is $0.
  • For the first 15 months, 0.0% introductory Apr on purchases and balance transfer.
  • After 15 months, APR gets variable according to your purchases.
  • 24%, 16.24%, or 20.24% APR will be charged based on your credit worthiness.

Requirements for Creating a New Account at American Express

So if you’re already reading this till now, I might have captured your attention, right? So, what exactly are the requirements for creating a new account at American Express? Basically at first, all you need is to register or apply for the Blue Business Credit Card. Once you’re application is processed and you have your card, you can sign up for the account at American Express. The requirements are just that you must have a computer, a stable and fast internet connection, basic understanding of English in order to follow the instructions, and that’s all.

How to Register Your American Express Blue Business Credit Card

Now, this is the part which may be the most important for you all. Here I will show you how to register for your American Express Blue Business Credit Card Account. So gather all your things; basically, your computer, a seat to sit on, and your American Express credit card.

First of all, turn on your computer and open any browser to work on. You must have a stable internet connection because everything you will be doing from here onwards is online. Then, in the address bar type the link You will see the log in page for your account. Navigate and find the hyperlink for “Create New Online Account”. Click on it and wait for it to load.

American Express Blue Business Credit Card

Once, you’re in, type the 4-Digit Card ID and a 15-Digit Card Number in the space provided. Then, set up your card by provided the relevant information and finish the process. You have registered your Blue Business Credit Card with American Express online service.

American Express Blue Business Credit Card

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