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What if travelling becomes more than just commuting? Learn more about AeroMexico Visa Credit Card!

AeroMexico Visa Credit Card

AeroMexico Visa Credit Card

In today’s banking and purchasing trends, credit cards have become an easy way to make quick payments without carrying bulks of cash in your wallet. The added credit card security helps you in making safe purchases. But with such convenience, the down sides of regular credit card use come in play as well. Using your credit card to purchase groceries, shopping and fueling your car takes away not only your credit but includes tax payment on purchases as well. What if, using your credit card to make daily payments had its perks? The AeroMexico Visa Credit Card is different in such a way!

Imagine being able to collect reward points with every swipe of your credit card. AeroMexico has launched its new program which helps you collect miles just by religiously using your AeroMexico VisaCredit Card. Now you can take a much needed break and travel to different locations in Mexico and international destinations without any payments!

Do we have your attention? Learn about AeroMexico!

Founded around 81 years ago, AeroMexico is categorized as a flagcarrier which operates in more than 80 countries worldwide. Based in Mexico, this Mexican airline closely works with very renowned Delta Air Lines of the U.S. Keeping their air crafts maintained and upgraded is what helps them maintain their customer service and priorities!

If you Apply for AeroMexico Visa Credit Card- You get a ton of Benefits!

AeroMexico Visa Credit Card is not just a regular credit card for your everyday need-based purchases. Its not just about getting miles to travels, its more than that!

  • You get a chance to receive double the regular miles just by using your AeroMexico Visa Credit Card to buy groceries and gas for your vehicle.
  • you get a chance to receive a bonus of 20,000 miles
  • Purchase an AeroMexico ticket to travel for your vacation destinations and double the miles!
  • Apply now and receive a complimentary Companion Certificate by AeroMexico.

I’m sold, How do I apply for my AeroMexico Visa Credit Card? Read Ahead!

We have made it easy for you to fill out your online application form for AeroMexico Visa Credit Card with a few easy steps!

  1. Select which type of AeroMexico Visa Credit Card you need from Visa Signature Card, Visa Card and Visa Secured Card. Each card is free for one year followed by different amount of yearly bill according to the extent of their perks!
  2. After choosing which credit card suits you from click on a yellow button that states “Apply now”.
  3. AeroMexico Visa Credit Card
  4. On the application, select if you are  a Club Premier Member and provide your member number in the box.
  5. Provide your first, middle and last name.
  6. Type in your birth date and assigned SNN
  7. Then, select which country you are from. In the following box, type where you permanently reside.
  8. Type your phone number and then type again to confirm
  9. Give your email address.
  10. AeroMexico Visa Credit Card
  11. In the next session you will type information about your residence- your current address, city, state, accurate Zip Code, stay time at your residence, ownership of residence and if you wish to receive mail at your address.
  12. In the next step you will be providing information regarding your monthly/annual income and employment status.
  13. AeroMexico Visa Credit Card
  14. Then, select if you are interested in using your account for any bank transfers.
  15. At the end, you select whether you wish to apply for a joint account.
  16. Then, select yes if you wish to add another user to your account.
  17. Lastly, at the end of the application page, tick in the blue box that states “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and press on the button that states “submit”.
  18. AeroMexico Visa Credit Card

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