Want the Full Experience of Your Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card? Then Activate It!

Where do you feel the safest and most comfortable? Somewhere you can yourself without worrying about other people? Or a place where you don’t have to worry about keeping your family safe? Your home, right? We all work day and night to make sure that we, and the people we love, have a love roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in. People can tell you that the place doesn’t matter, your home is where the heart is, but that heart needs a place to be in too.

You can’t make a home without a house. And to make a house your home, you need more than just people. You do need material things; things that can turn an empty house into a home you can live in and spend your life comfortably in. And when you need those things, when you need to improve your house and make it into a home, you go to a hardware store like Ace Hardware.

About Ace

Founded in 1924, and headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Ace Hardware was initially known as Ace Stores. It took its current name in 1931, and soon became the world’s largest hardware retailers’ cooperative. The company now has over 5,000 locations throughout 60 countries, and a workforce of more than 86,000 individuals. It is also America’s largest non-grocery retail cooperative, and continues to grow beyond imagination. What started as a small store by its founders has now grown to be one of the most successful corporations in the world. And it can attribute its success to the products and services it provides to its customer, which are always of the highest class.

Advantages of the Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card

Wondering what any of this is worth? Need numbers to make sense of the benefits you can get? Well, the following numbers should make things a bit clearer for you:

  • With every 12,500 points you earn through the Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card, you get $25 Ace Reward.
  • You also get 3% in Ace Reward points at Ace Stores, 2% on your groceries and gas, and 1% on purchases made everywhere else.

The reward points you get can be earned everywhere that Visa is accepted, so basically everywhere.

If you are still on the fence about whether this card is really for you, then you should know that with an Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card, your life gets easier than ever before. With the credit card activated, you can use online banking to manage your card from home, view your transactions and statement, pay your bills, and manage your rewards.

Requirements for Activating Your Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card

The advantages sound good, right? Well, they’re only good if you have your card activated. But, you need to fulfill some requirements before you can begin activating your card. Don’t worry, the requirements aren’t a lot, or hard. You simply need access to a working computer, laptop, or any other such device that lets you browse the internet. You also need a stable internet connection to do the browsing with. And of course, you need your Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card with you so you can activate it. Finally, you need to be able to read and understand basic English, which you obviously can or you wouldn’t be here.

How to Activate Your Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card

So, you have your card, and you have everything ready to access the Ace Hardware Rewards Visa Credit Card’s website? Well, then what are you waiting around for? Follow the procedure given below and activate your card right away:

  • Turn on whichever device you decided on using, and open your browser. Then, visit www.acerewardsvisa.com to access the main page.
  • In the Cardholder Log In box, click “Enroll Now”.

  • On the next page, select your account type; Personal or Business.
  • According to the type of account you have, enter the Account Information in the empty fields on the right.
  • Now, click “Continue” and enroll for online banking, which will automatically activate your credit card.

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